Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sending Wishes for a Peaceful Holiday

Friday, December 19, 2014

Decorated Farmhouse Staircase

Our new-to-us farmhouse has a lovely staircase, with a huge newel post.  I love the old woodwork, even though it's been painted in a cream colour by a previous owner.

We decided to put a garland on the staircase, but along the bottom, not the top as is usually done.  We felt it looked better running along the bottom portion because the top rail runs right up against the ceiling, and also because the garland we had wasn't long enough to go along the top rail.

As you can see, the stairs don't go up from the door, they go up in reverse (there must be a technical term for that).  This did not leave us much room to get furniture upstairs.  You can read our exploits in that respect, in a future post!

Isn't the post marvellous?  The bottom square is 6 1/4" x 6 1/4"

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Tree that's not a Tree

Having just recently moved to Prince Edward Island and still trying to get things unpacked, we decided to forego a real tree this year.

And since there was a large hook in the ceiling just above our lovely bay window, I took a strand of fake garland that already had white lights on it and just hooked the middle of it to the ceiling.  Then I took another strand of garland and zigzagged it between the sides of the first piece.  Add a few coloured lights to the middle garland, and a few small ornaments and one big red bow and ta da...

That's it for this year.  Next year I hope to get a real tree and put out all our ornaments that I've saved over the years.

I hope you will all stick with me in the new year as I show more of our lovely PEI farmhouse and what we are doing to make it our own.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sign for our Real Estate Agent

We had a wonderful real estate agent.  He showed us houses all over Prince Edward Island, without hesitation.  We had no idea where to buy, so we looked at a lot of different communities before we chose O'Leary.

Our agent, Omid Talebi, is of the Baha'i faith and sends out his emails with a quote at the bottom, after his name.  Since he uses this regularly in correspondence, I felt the words must be significant to him, so as a thank you I made him a sign with this quote painted on it. It's made on old barn board, the edges are painted white along with the lettering. I made it before I left Ontario.

Unity Sign: 11 1/2" high x 19" long
Thanks again, Omid!

I enjoy making personal gifts like this, they always seem to be appreciated.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Visiting the Lighthouse

One of our first short drives on the island was a trip to the West Point Lighthouse.  This is the one I painted on pallet wood, before I left Ontario for Prince Edward Island. I blogged about it HERE

It was a cool day, only a 20 minute drive from our place and not open right now, so the parking lot was empty and the doors closed up and no one else around.

Here again is the piece I made:

West Point sits in the Northumberland Strait, across from New Brunswick. I've put a red arrow to point it out, on the left (west) side.  We are in O'Leary, in a north east direction from West Point.
NOTE: the scale of the map, PEI is very small!

The view from the boardwalk that runs along beside the light house is fabulous.

So, when are YOU going to visit Prince Edward Island?

Monday, December 1, 2014

Moving Day 3 - Arriving on Prince Edward Island

This has taken me so long to post, I am still unpacking and deciding what goes where and what to paint, but here is the arrival day post.

On the third day, Nov.1, we left New Brunswick and headed for Prince Edward Island, excited to get to our new home.
Being an island, obviously, it's not connected to the mainland, but there is a long, long bridge that takes you from New Brunswick to PEI. It's called the Confederation Bridge and spans the 8 miles across the Northumberland Strait.

It takes about 20 minutes to travel across. Here's a photo taken by my daughter as we followed my husband pulling the trailer and just getting to the island.

Finally on Prince Edward Island soil!  (I was cheering at this point)

I think it took about 45 minutes of driving to get to the town we bought our house in, O'Leary.

As you can see by the sign, O'Leary is famous for it's potatoes.  The town is surrounded by huge fields, and the whole island is known for the potatoes it produces.

We pulled in our driveway and took a quick look inside because we had to go out to a storage unit that we rented to hold all the things that came out of my woodworking shop, as well as quite a few garage type items that my husband has. 

I wish now that I had taken photos of all the empty rooms, but we just didn't have time.  Here I am inside the moving truck and standing on my table saw (!) to get some things out and into the storage unit.

Did I mention that by this time it was cold and raining?  When we finished doing that it was dark and we were soaked and tired and stopped at a small restaurant for supper in our new town.

We slept the first night on our mattress on the floor in the dining room.  Laura slept in a sleeping bag in her new room.  

At the point of writing this, we've been in PEI for a whole month and have enjoyed every day!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Moving Day 2

The first day of our move just happened to be our 10th anniversary ( I had to edit the date in my previous post because somehow I mixed up the days).
Anyway, who would have thought we would have been on our way to Prince Edward Island to live?  Certainly not either of us!

On Oct. 31st, which was also my daughter's 21st birthday, we woke up in Drummondville, Quebec, where we had taken a hotel room the night before. The three of us and three dogs set out after breakfast at a restaurant across the street from the hotel.

Our rides await in the hotel parking lot...

We made it to Fredricton, New Brunswick the second night and ordered Chinese food to our room.
The next day would be the day we reached Prince Edward Island.

We took the blue route shown here, just over 1000 miles!

To be continued...

Monday, November 17, 2014

Moving Day 1

We are already settled in our new home, but here are some photos from our move.

I sold my van in order to make the trip without having to return for it.  We rented a large UHaul truck as well as two trailers.  I pulled one trailer with our pickup truck and my husband pulled the other with the UHaul truck. We left on Wed. Oct. 29th  Thurs. Oct. 30th (I had to edit this)

The trailers and trucks were packed full.  We also had two Chihuahuas, who rode with Eric in the big truck, and my collie who rode with myself and my daughter, Laura, in the pickup.

I did not have room for all my wood supply and had to leave behind some, including most of my pallet wood and my pallet wood triangle which was the top of a treehouse I made many years ago.

Here's a before and after of my shop...

This photo was taken just as we were about to leave our driveway:

It was really tough to load and pack everything ourselves.  I must say it took a lot out of us and we were happy to be finally driving away.

To be continued...

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Packing up the truck

We got our truck and trailer yesterday, my husband will drive it and I will follow with our pickup truck.

We packed some yesterday, and today we try and squeeze all my shop tools inside!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The final creation to come out of my shop before I move

I started a special piece before our house sold.  I had wanted to do something that would be representative of where we were moving to. Prince Edward Island has at least 50 lighthouses, so I thought I would paint one on pallet wood.

I used a photo that I took when we went there last year, and also looked online for more photos of West Point Lighthouse.  The black and white stripes are what make it stand out and recognizable.

Being the precise, mathematical fool that I am, I measured the photos I had and figured out the ratio between the width of the black stripes compared to the white stripes.  I cut my pallet wood with that ratio, so the white striped pieces are wider than the black ones (except at the bottom).

I used a dry brush technique after drawing out the design on the wood.

I also used pallet wood for the frame. This piece is 13 1/2" wide x 27 1/2" tall.

Here's a photo I took in 2013, of my daughter Laura, husband Eric and dog Cisco at the West Point lighthouse:

Although we were not initially looking in the area, it turned out that we bought a house in a town only 20 min. drive from the West Point lighthouse!  Coincidence?

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Things I'll miss about my home

I am in the middle of major packing.  I just have TOO much stuff.  For some reason I have found it hard to give away or sell most of my children's games and toys.  Too much sentimental attachment!

Actually there is not much in the house, we live without a lot of extra decor and "things," but my workshop is just so packed with pieces of wood and things I just might use someday.
Sorting through all that has been... fun.

Anyway, just a quick post to show some of the things I will miss about living here.

We live on a lake, about 1000' feet from the shore.  To get there we take either the forest path or the field path.  Both are beautiful:

This photo below shows only about 100' of the width of our property, it is 300' wide total and the forest trail is on the right side of the field trail.
Once we get down to the water, it's very peaceful...

And in the evening, often beautiful sunsets...

I will try and post more soon before I go. I am sorry that I haven't been posting much, but I will show photos of my new house and the things I am up to there.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

SOLD and moving!

Our house has sold, it had been listed since March and we were worried that it would never happen!

We got a new agent at the end of Sept. on a Friday and an offer was signed on Sunday.  On Tuesday we left for beautiful Prince Edward Island to find a home.

This is our new home, it's a farmhouse style, in a small town and all completely finished inside and with a new kitchen. It will be a change for us, since we now live on 7.9 acres in the country on a lake.

There is no garage nor workshop, so we hope to start building in the spring.  I won't have any place at all to do woodworking (there is not even a basement) so maybe I'll have to get out the watercolours and do some painting instead.  I also desperately need to redo my website, so that is the plan for the winter.

I do hope to keep posting on some of the things I've made but haven't had time to get here on the blog.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Remembering My Father

Missing my father, a quiet, loving man who was so proud of his children and grandchildren. Born in Poona, India in 1921, he passed away 10 years ago today in Waterdown, ON.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Happy Birthday and a small painting

My lovely little Chihuahua "Cisco" is three years old today!

This is a small painting I made last year on wood, from a photograph. It's 9" x 9" and painted with craft paints on pine.

Actually now, Cisco has more white around his eyes, his colouring has changed quite a bit as he aged.  Here he is today, Happy Birthday Cisco!